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Al-Tamimi provides turn-key solutions for local public services and government agencies as well as private enterprises and small businesses enabling reliable advanced secure broadband citywide network for diverse communications and data access to resources and applications with instant responsiveness.

Al-Tamimi MMN gives you enhanced security and improved communications.


Dedicated to employment of advanced sciences and application of excellent technologies.

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Al-Tamimi MMN network enables new applications by extending intelligent information network services from the wired infrastructure to the wireless IP network.

Al-Tamimi Metropolitan Mobile Network access offers new ways for public sector services and agencies to accelerate communications between staff and service delivery to citizens.

Small businesses, local public services, and government agencies using Al-Tamimi MMN solutions are currently taking advantages of secure communication and immediate access to applications and resources. Al-Tamimi MMN employs advanced technologies that, until recently, only large multinationals had employed.



Advanced Secure Mobile Services:


Al-Tamimi Metropolitan Mobile Network solutions enable small private businesses as well as local public sector services and agencies to deploy a secure, scalable, broadband network that integrates wired and wireless IP infrastructuresdelivering network intelligence and applications for mobile users across a city.



The primary wireless access technologies that we employ in Al-Tamimi MMN solutions for secure intelligent  high-speed communications and access to applications and resources are the 802.11a, b, and g technologies.







Al-Tamimi MMN software systems and communication architectures extend IP networks to advanced metropolitan and in-vehicle secure mobile network environments employing several OEM components including Ciscos ruggedized, outdoor WLAN among several other 3rd party wireless mobile products.





Learn more in depth details of Al-Tamimi Metropolitan Mobile Network Solutions by viewing the Al-Tamimi MMN Flash Demo and customer success stories.







Al-Tamimi Metropolitan Mobile Networks can empower small mobile enterprises & agencies to take advantage of new applications for collaboration, and can increase productivity and safety across a community.







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